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Job Type: Internship
Salary Type: Commission Only
Regions: Auckland

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10 months ago

where is the police that allows this type of criminals still be operating ....do not fall in this trap guys ...its just a big pile of bullshit....do not pay any money for training or ever hand over your credit card details for this guys ....this system to become millionaire really works ...for only for them ...but they need lots of stupid idiots like you to give them the money ....if there was such a miracle to make money ...do you think they would come to public and give it away for free....or if it was so true...why don't they just put their family and friends to work on it .......such good business...I want all my friends and family in it.....what evidence are they giving you that's true apart from a video to brainwash the weak ones...ask the question before you fall for it ...but the answer is ...there is nothing there ....its a scam...

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Badass Digital

10 months ago

Thanks for stopping by Johann,

This opportunity teaches and supports a business model called 'Affiliate Marketing'.

If you do a simple google search you will find that Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years and is a legitimate practice to earn money online.

Popular websites like Amazon.com, Ebay.com & many others offer affiliate programs to anyone willing to sell products on their behalf to earn commissions.

I understand that you and many other people are skeptical about internet based opportunities and that's completely fair enough, there are many scams and dishonest business practices around the web so it pays to do your research before participating in any business.

Online business takes hard work, dedication and a positive mindset to achieve success which is not for everyone...

I wish all the best to you and your family Johan, only those who are brave enough to leave the shore will find the promised lands.

Take care bud :)

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