Saft 14250 - 3.6v Lithium Battery 2700mAh

Saft 14250 - 3.6v Lithium Battery 2700mAh

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Lithium Battery For Specialty Electronics

Used to power memory back-up systems, utility meters & security devices

Incredibly stable & long lasting lithium chemistry as well as a unique 3.6 Volt energy output

2700mAh capacity that will keep it running for extended periods of time.

1/2 AA sized


• Voltage: 3.6

• Capacity: 2700 mAh

• Some of the highest nominal capacities on the market today

• Less than 1% capacity loss during storage at ambient temperature before use

• Non-flammable (and non-pressurized at ambient temperature) inorganic (but

corrosive) electrolyte

• Size: 0.56" diameter x 1.00" long

• Contacts: Button Type

• Concentric ("bobbin") electrodes

• Compliant with IEC 86-4 safety standard and EN 50020 intrinsic safety standard

• High operating voltage, stable during most of the application lifetime

• Some of the highest nominal capacities on the market today

• Less than 1% capacity loss during storage


• Laser Sighters

• Memory back-up

• Real-time clocks

• Utility metering

• Automated meter reading

• Wireless alarms and Security devices

• Emergency locations transmitters beacon

• Electronic toll collection

• Professional electronics


LS14250C, 1770-XZ, 3B26, 418-0076, 60-0576-100, 6135-99-770-2535, 6ES5-980-0MA11, 742-0011, 922-1262, ER3, ER3S, ER4, LS14250, LS3, T04/41, T04/51, TL-2150, TL-2150/S, TL-2151, TL-5101, TL-5112, TL-5151, TL-5151S, TL2150, TL2151, TL5101, TL5112, TL5151, TL5151S, VL1/2AA, 1771-DB Series, 1772-LW Series B, 1772-LW Series C, 1772-LW Series D, 1772-LWP Series B, 1772-LWP Series C, 1772-LWP Series D, 1772-LX Series A, 1772-LX Series C, 1772-LX Series D, B, B-2/16, B-2/17 Series, C-2/16, C-2/17 Series, D-2/16, D-2/17 Series, MINI-PLC-2/02, MINI-PLC-2/16, MINI-PLC-2/17, 1772-LXP Series B, 1772-LXP Series C, 1772-LXP Series D, 1772-LZ, 1772-LZP, 1770-XZ

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