Socks – Thermal – Merino Wool Mix 3 Sizes, 3-5, 6-10 or 11-1

Socks – Thermal – Merino Wool Mix 3 Sizes, 3-5, 6-10 or 11-13


Merino Wool, Nylon Lycra and Isolfil® (Polypropylene) mix 330 All Rounder Socks, are especially designed to give you unrestricted movement, with ultra foot comfort, blister protection, moisture management, thermal control (WARM in Winter, COOL in Summer), and long lasting durability.

Whether your Hunting, Fishing, Tramping, Playing Sports, Running, Walking, or just need thermal / warm socks while working then these are the socks for you.

Designed with boots in mind for trekking, hunting, farming and all outdoor pursuits.

Extra long leg length, – the calf coverer.

Merino wool / nylon blend with the benefit of being reinforced with Isolfil® throughout the shin, heel, sole and toe portions of the sock.

Isolfil® (Polypropylene) provides strength, durability and reinforcing.

The sock has a terry loop pile leg and foot.

This terry loop air cavity captures the body heat released from the body and stores it for warmth and comfort.

Terry Loop Pile – Very small loops covering both sides of the material blend for comfort and warmth.

Ankle and arch support to hold the sock in place, whilst supporting both your ankle and the arch of your foot.

Specially designed “Y” heel and toe, eliminating any bulky fabric around the toe and heel areas.

The outcome is a snug fitting heel and toe area.

Flat concealed toe seam.

Our single welt top expands to offer the wearer a non restrictive, soft top sock.

The extra benefit of the Isolfil® is that it absorbs the moisture away from your body to the exterior of the sock so that your feet stay dry.

When you’re out jogging or tramping, playing footy or just walking the dog you want your feet to be comfortable no matter the conditions out there.

These socks are the ideal sporting and recreational sock, not to mention great for lounging in after a hard day’s activities.

These savvy socks are the ultimate in feety bliss boasting moisture management, thermal control, superb durability and blister protection.

They’ll keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather, these wonder / ultra socks have every angle covered.


• Ultimate Foot Comfort.

• Blister Protection.

• Thermoregulation: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer.

• Fully thermal regulating sock for extra comfort and durability.

• Odour Resistant.

• Breathable.

• Versatile.

• Reinforced Shin, Heel, Sole & Toe sections.

• Extra Long Leg Length, Calf Carer.

• Ankle and Arch Support.

• Soft elastic cuff for unrestricted circulation.

• Single Welt Top Expands to offer Non Restrictive, Soft Top Sock.

• Terry Loop Pile Leg and Foot.

• ‘Y’ Designed Heel and Toe.

• Seamless Flat Concealed Toe Seam for extra comfort.

• Isolfil® Polyester for Reinforcing, Strength, Durability & absorbs Moisture away from feet to the exterior of the sock (keeping your feet dry)


• Fabric: 80% Merino Wool, 15% Nylon / Lycra, 5% Isolfil® Polyester.

• Sizing: Mens:


6-10 or


• Colour: Totara,

BEST FOR: Walking, Hiking, Outdoor, Work and Travel.

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Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


Comfort Socks New Zealand Ltd, has been creating socks and gloves for the WORLD since 1980.

The 2 directors of Comfort Socks New Zealand Ltd complement each other by combining their collective expertise in business, marketing, technical direction, and innovative design.

Proudly NEW ZEALAND OWNED AND OPERATED COMPANY producing a multitude of styles, carefully constructed for the KIWI FOOT SHAPE.

All of Comfort Socks NZ Ltd’s products are MANUFACTURED IN NEW ZEALAND using premium yarns / materials to exacting standards to ensure the strictest control over quality and delivery.

As their name states, their mission is for you the customer, (product wearer) to experience the MOST COMFORTABLE AND ROBUST SOCKS YOU WILL EVER WEAR!

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