175lb Compound Crossbow 340fps, By EK Archery of the Netherl

175lb Compound Crossbow 340fps, By EK Archery of the Netherlands

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Rated at 175lbs – 340fps From EK comes the Blade+ Kit Compound Crossbow The Blade crossbow boasts an impressive 340 ft/sec from a 175lb draw weight which is all the more impressive when you realise it has a power stroke of only 13.5?.

Adjustable stock & anti dry fire.

The Barrel is constructed from reinforced composite for a strong, balanced crossbow. Barrel features a picatinny rail.

Cams and Riser have been constructed by aluminum die casting.

This ensures reliability of the bow but also smooth cocking & shooting.

Stock is fully adjustable for an extra level of user customisation & made of reinforced composite.

Fitted with an AR A2-style Pistol grip and steady grip, with a Anti-dry firing trigger.

This ensures the crossbow doesn’t fire without a bolt loaded helping to prevent damage & prolong the life of your crossbow.

Stabilizer & a pair of vibration dampers will ensure a smooth descent of the bowstring.

Included 4×32 scope mounts to the picatinny rail.

The grip has been pushed forward to create a more ergonomic & functional crossbow helping enhance the users experience.

Alongside the Blade compound crossbow you also get a handful of accessories to help get you started including a 4×32 Crossbow scope, Cocking Rope, 3-bolt quiver, 3 x 20" Aluminum Bolts, String Wax & a pair of Safety Glasses.

Bolts fired travel up to 340 fps+ with pinpoint accuracy up to 90 metres.

This cross bow gives its users far more power & accuracy than a traditional bow.

Increased speed and accuracy make this crossbow the better choice.

Powerful new professional hunting crossbow from the EK Archery of the Netherlands.

Tremendous tensile strength of over 80 kg (175lbs) and an incredible narrow 35.5 cm (work, this crossbow accelerates the arrows to speeds above 110 m /s (340fps).

This makes it a perfect crossbow for long range hunting and shooting. Ergonomic new stock design and adjustable.

Included in the kit are 3 x 20 “/ inch / Aluminum Arrows / Bolts, 4×32 Crossbow Optics Scope, Cocking Rope, String Wax & Safety Glasses The crossbow “Blade+” is designed and intended for hunting, but can be used for entertaining and sporting shooting at targets, especially 3 D animals.

If you decide to make a crossbow your constant hobby, “Blade+” is suitable for this as well as possible! Perfectly designed, stylish design and a moderate amount of cutting-edge adaptations for high-quality targeted shooting, the “Blade+” crossbow from EK Archery is one of the most popular in New Zealand, not only for men, but for our beautiful ladies!

Therefore, if you are at a loss in choosing a good and inexpensive gift, compared to the competitors like Barnett at $999, we advise you to look into our store and buy this excellent priced quality weapon


• STOCK:Reinforced resin composite Stock, - Length Adjustable - AR Compatible Pistol Grip

• AR GRIP:Forceful textured A2-style pistol grip

• TRIGGER:Anti-dry fire safety.Trigger pull below 3.5 lbs

• EXTENDED BULLPUP TRIGGER:Compacting the crossbow’s design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.

• BARREL:Reinforced Aluminum / composite barrel with picatinny rail

• STRING STOPPER:Decelerates string and deadens vibration

• CAM SETS:Die casting cams

• RISER:Aluminum Die casting • LIMBS:Durable compression Fibreglass

• RISER: Aluminum Die Cast

• 20mm Weaver Sight Rail

• Anti Dry Trigger feature


• Draw Weight: 175 LBS / 80kg

• Speed (FPS): 340 FPS / 373 kph

• Safety: Ambidextrous

• Anti Dry Fire: Yes

• Length: 33.5 …………...

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