YamashitA Golden Bait, Guppy Bait II Lumo Trace Skirts, 5cm

YamashitA Golden Bait, Guppy Bait II Lumo Trace Skirts, 5cm – LUMO Pink


Yamashita Guppy Bait II is an artificial lure, a soft and elastic imitation of octopods with a length of 5 cm.

Available in Pink & Plain Lumo colours.

Upon pulling, the spectacular game of thin cilia grows, the vibrations mimic a small fish.

A very interesting lure for marine predators.

There are different ways of fitting: a stand alone, a boxer or a boxer with a wobbler at the bottom of the line, for making other types of marine lures and fittings and a combination of jigsaws.

The price is for 5 pieces in a package.

Yamashita Lumo Trace Skirts are soft and supple but also strong and tear resistant and have an excellent action in the water.

Yamarai Corp of Japan the brand owners of Yamashita and Maria discovered in conjunction with a leading Japanese University that ’490nm’ glow is the ultimate wavelength of visible light for fish and fluro / lumo.

In conjunction Yamari Corp have been able to design and treat their products with 490 Nano Meter (nm) glow for the ultimate Lumo / Fluoro Glow.

At this stage there is NO OTHER PRODUCT that glows as bright or for as long!

For an even longer length of time, glow, shine one of our UV LED Lights to knock these Lumos in to the stratosphere!


For many years squid anglers all over the world have used jigs equipped with glow material.

Now, research shows the best wavelength of visible light for marine life is 490nm.

This is a tuned glow of 490nm which Yamashita discovered with the research from a leading Japanese university is the best glow colour for marine life eyes to detect.

In addition, Yamaria maintains the research division for the development of new fishing tackle and fishing methods, and also all Yamaria’s members take part in making new products by their own experienced idea.

Particularly, its first biggest brand “GOLDEN BAIT” is of original design and after years of research by the founder Capt. Kusataro Yamashita.

Its another brand “MARIA” is for Plastic lures-Wobblers, Metal Jigs, and Soft Plastic lures made in its own factory in Japan.

With its original idea and also with many opinions from its contacted field-testers.

Many of its products under “YAMASHITA” brand are for various kinds of fishing style and particularly is quite a famous brand for Fishing all over the world.

YAMARIA Corp. sells and exports various kinds of products developed by themselves to fishing and related industries in both the Japanese domestic market and overseas.

In its business activities in the export department, the company is advancing in the field of sports fishing all over the world.

At the same time, it is also advancing in the specialized fishing field with commercial fishing industries to assist progress in their catch.

Hope you enjoy fishing with YAMASHITA & Maria goods!!

Business Name : YAMARIA Corporation

Brand : Yamashita, Maria, Golden Bait, etc.

Factory : Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Branch Office : Sendai, Yokohama, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Foundation : May.1941

Employees : 154


## Manufacturers YAMASHITA Code ## 478-891 Pink, 479-003 Plain ##

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