Aluminum Brief Cased 28 Piece Universal GUN CLEANING Kit

Aluminum Brief Cased 28 Piece Universal GUN CLEANING Kit

Make sure your firearm is CLEAN and Firing at its ultimate performance by maintaining it with this Universal Gun Cleaning Kit.

Cleaning a gun has been important since the days of flintlocks.

HunterCo NZ brings you True Adventure Outdoors affordable universal 26 piece gun cleaning kit.

Suitable for Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols – Hand Guns all housed in a beautiful

Aluminum Alloy Brief Carry Case.

This 28 piece kit comes with everything you need to clean all your firearms.


• 10 Bronze Brushes

• 5 Wool Mops

• 3 Piece Rifle Rod

• 3 Piece Shotgun Rod

• 1 Universal Rod Handle

• 3 Adapters

• 2 Plastic Jags

• 50 Cotton Patches

• 1 Alloy Carry Case


:: 17 cal- For use on .177 air rifles, 17HM2 & 17HMR.

:: .22 cal- For use on 22LR, 22mag, 222, 223, 22-250, 220 Swift & 223WSSM

:: .243/6.5mm cal- For use on 240 Weatherby, 243, 243WSSM, 6mm Rem, 6.5×55, 25-06 & 257.

:: .270/7mm cal- For use on 270, 270WSM, 280, 7mm-08, 7mm Mag,

7mm STW, 7mmWSM & 7×57

:: .30-32/8mm cal- for use on 30M1, 30-06, 30-30, 300 Win & WSM, 303, 307, 308,

7.62×25, 7.62×39, 7.62x54R, 7.65, 7.92, 8mm (8×57),

:: 12ga, 20ga, 410ga

:: 9mm, 357/38, 40, 45



• Always clean from the chamber to prevent the rod from damaging the muzzle and affecting accuracy.

• A bore guide helps prevent a rod from gouging the chamber or throat.

• Run a patch with solvent down the bore, let sit as per instructions and scrub with a bronze brush.

• Then clean bore with dry patches.

• Clean chamber with solvent and patch, brushes or picks, or a brush designed for chambers.

• Run patches through bore until they come out clean.

• Lightly oil a final patch and run through bore if rifle or shotgun is to be stored.

• Jags work easier than slotted tips, and the patch falls out the muzzle, preventing debris from being pulled back through.

• If a situation arises that requires the bolt be cleaned, disassemble it and clean bolt body, firing pin, and spring.

• Lubricate very lightly.

• If you don’t know how to take the bolt apart, ask a gunsmith to show you.

• When hunting season is over, clean firearm thoroughly and store muzzle down.

• This allows any extra oil to drain and prevents damage to recoil pad.


• Follow the same guidelines as rifles.

• Wads can cause plastic fouling so use a solvent that can clean it.

• For automatics, clean the gas ports in the barrel and the gas system.

• Do not oil the gas system.

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