Bruni REPLICA Walther PPK 8mm Blank Firing Pistol

Bruni REPLICA Walther PPK 8mm Blank Firing Pistol

From Bruni comes this Replica 8mm Walther PPK Blank Firing Pistol.

This Walther PPK Semi - Auto blank firing pistol also made its name by being the pistol of choice of Agent 007, although it is often been favoured as the pistol of military officers.

Made of steel alloy, it looks and feels like the original.

Pull back the slide to load the first blank into the chamber.

When the last blank is fired, the slide will lock back just like the real thing.

Blank shells are ejected from the top of the barrel after each shot.

Safety of this pistol is dependable.

If the safety is on, by pressing the trigger, the hammer may come down but it will not fire.

This blank gun and all our blank guns are plugged.

The pressure from each shot is released from the gas release hole in the top of the barrel.

Fires both single & double action.

Can be disassembled by a qualified gunsmith.

Cannot be made to fire real ammunition.

Will hold (7) 8mm blanks in the magazine and (1) 8mm blank in the chamber.

Deluxe blued finish. Composite checkered grips.

The famed WWII Walther PPK pistol was a favourite of James Bond 007 and all international security forces.

This blank firing pistol replica fires just like the real thing, upon firing the slide comes back and spent shells are ejected by the blowback action.


The authentic, full sized blank firing reproduction is completely safe for gun collections, handgun training, and theatrical work.

It fires extra loud 8 mm blanks in both single and double action.

Load the 7 round clip, pull back the slide, and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger!

Bruni Mod New Police blank firing pistol.

Very solid construction and are sized realistically.

Feels like the real deal in the hand.

One of the best blank guns available!

This blank firing replica uses 8mm K blank ammunition. - For Ammunition



• REPLICA of Walther PPK Hand Gun

• Metal Construction with plastic grips

• Mag Capacity 7+1

• Ejecting Magazine that Loads 7 x 8mm Blanks

• Semi Auto

• Single & Double Action Firing

• Caliber 8mm

• Top Venting

• Field Strips exactly like the real pistol

• Operates exactly like the real thing!

• Length 6"

• Weight 1.5lbs

• Ammunition: 8mm K blank CLICK HERE


• Bruni Replica Walther PPK Semi Auto Blank Firing Pistol

• Cleaning Brush

• ABS Storage Case

• Manual


You don't require a Firearms License to purchase this item.

However, you must be over 18 years of age or older.

You will need to supply a copy of your photo identification as proof of age in order to complete the purchase.

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